You are never more yourself than when you are surrounded by family. We are willing to bet your family is wild, hilarious, fun, and probably even a little quirky...and we are so on board with that! Our goal with families is to give you a fun experience. Forget about the pressure of choosing outfits, looking perfect, and making sure your kids appear quiet and well behaved. Frankly, that all sounds a little stuffy to us. We prefer to catch you in your home on a saturday morning, or take a walk around the city, or run and play in the park. 

authentic family photos

It's not about perfection

It is our goal to help you forget about what you are "supposed" to do, and instead just be yourselves.

We are inspired by families that embrace the REAL, families that laugh hard, families that make noise and love big! Oh yeah, and families that eat ice-cream! That's kind of important.
When you join the Chandler Rose family you get to relax and have a great time, while we get the pleasure of telling your story through photo and film.


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