I remember feeling overwhelmed when I got my first DSLR camera.  There were so many settings, so many new terms, and everything I found on the internet seemed like a foreign language!  I know that many people resort to putting their camera on Auto and letting the camera do all of the work.  Please don't let the overwhelm make you resort to auto.  I promise, the camera will never be as smart and creative as you are. You invested a pretty penny in that camera, now it's time to invest in YOU.  

We would be pumped to sit down with you over coffee and talk about using your camera or editing photos!  We will learn a little, and then we will put what we've learned to use by actually taking some photos! If you are looking to learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom, you'll need your computer, the software, and some images to import, edit, and export.  Complete the form below and we can talk details!

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