Why we take photos...

To love and serve people.

To preserve stories of life, love, and family
for generations to come.

To remind people that their lives are worth
documenting, just the way they are.

Before I got the chance to know them, three of my grandparents passed away. I have only been able to know more about them through the stories that are told. As I get older I am increasingly grateful for the family members that have preserved old family photos and home videos to be passed down so that I could have a glimpse into the lives of my grandparents.  Interesting enough, it is not the posed family portraits that I get excited about. Instead it's the images that give me a peek into their personalities, the candids, the ones that tell me a story.

Generations later, I am able to know more about my family history because
someone made the decision to take a photo, and because someone valued them
enough to print them out and pass them on so that I can view them today.

This is why we take photos. This is why we love what we do. We believe that as photographers, we are documenters, storytellers, history preservers. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of documenting life, love, and legacy as authentically as possible so that your story will continue to be told for generations to come! 



Our Story...

Alex and I met when I did an internship at his home church in Wisconsin. We were mostly acquaintances, but reconnected several years later when we both ended up working at the same church in New Albany. While everyone else was convinced that we were meant for each other we remained skeptical. It wasn't until a mission trip to Haiti that I started to see a whole new side of Alex. I saw a confident leader and a humble servant's heart in him. Having taken high school students to Haiti almost a dozen times, I had jokingly dubbed this mission trip attraction "The Haiti Hookup."  There is something about serving others that brings out the best in us, and I had seen the Haiti hookup happen to high school kids...and of course we teased them relentlessly. But this time it was happening to me! 

After a few months of denial I finally told Alex that liked him and
he responded, "I've been waiting a long time to hear you say that."  

Years later we are married, bought and renovated our first home, and have one very furry baby... our Airedale Terrier, River.  Shortly after getting married we formed Chandler Rose Photography where I am the photographer and Alex is the videographer. We are the classic opposites attract scenario. Alex is analytical, quiet and observant, and careful with his words. I am more outgoing, feely, and a total open book. While we are very different, we find a common ground in our love of Jesus, creativity, and serving others. We are inspired by interactions and love between people. This is why we focus specifically on Family and Couples photography. We think love between families or husbands and wives is important and beautiful. We view it as a privilege to get to know our clients, make them feel valued, and share their love stories and life stories!


So who the heck is Chandler Rose?

I can't tell you how often people mistakenly call me Chandler.  Nope, that's not my name.  Actually Chandler Rose isn't even a real person. It's a combination of both Alex and me.  

Alex Chandler and Haley Rose.
We put our middle names together to form a company that is truly a little bit of us both. 

I have been a Louisville/Southern Indiana Portrait Photographer for several years.  I started  assisting a local photographer who eventually gave me  a camera and a few photo assignments.  He encouraged me to keep learning and keep shooting...which I am still doing today. I am a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing, inquisitive by nature (I apologize in advance for the amount of questions I will ask), and passionate about healthy marriages. I think all these things give me a unique perspective as a photographer.

Alex  is a worship pastor by trade.  This role has always allowed him to get involved with video and design elements when creating a worship experience.  He enjoys using videography to tell a story, create a mood, and draw people into an experience with God.  He thinks that video is the most emotional medium. You can see more, hear more, express more, and experience more through videography than other forms of art. Alex's creative eye, penchant for thinking outside the box, and calm presence make him a great film maker. 

While we love working alongside other creatives, we truly work best TOGETHER! Because we have the same vision going into a session or a wedding, we create photos and film with a consistent feel and aesthetic. Overall, this makes for a better experience for our clients!